Become a Yacht Skipper of first or third degree on a cruisetraining course in Antibes!

Built in 2018, the boat seats 10 people in total and contains 4 double bunks, two single bunks and 3 Toilets plus bath. The boat is 15.6 meters long, 4.94 meters wide and sticks 2.17 meters, it has 75 HP with 400 liters of Diesel, rolling main sails and genoa plus gennaks used in the teaching.

The boat is located in Antibes close to cannes in France. The boat has a fully equipped kitchen containing Microwave, Freezer, Oven, Stove and Sink. Outdoor GPS plotter, WiFi, autopilot and bow propellers. We'll be picked up at Cannes Airport and take over the boat in Antibes. The boat is delivered one week or fourteen days after the same place. Bed linen, towels, finishing cleaning and all provisions are included in the price, so what you need to bring is life jacket, sailing clothes, sailing shoes and boots and appropriate clothing for the season and latitude.

The training in Yachtskipper 1 and 3 takes place on board the boat and we go through the entire Yacht skipper curriculum corresponding to the curriculum located on Teams along with streamed training sessions. If you are interested you will send an email to then you will receive an invitation to the site in the cloud where the entire program is located. The teaching corresponds to 12 lessons of 2 x 3 hours per day. In addition, a sailing plan is being worked on in teams of two people. A timetable must be drawn up for a longer sea voyage in the Mediterranean, for a concrete boat with a length greater than 15 metres and less than 25 metres. The sailing plan is part of the preparation for exams in Y1 and Y3 included for exams and certification. We bring charts of the Mediterranean sea around Antibes which are part of the teaching.

In connection with the sailing, we train the planning and implementation of port maneuvers, sailing strips, sailing with gennaks, preparation for rough sailing and finally handling emergencies. The boat can accommodate 8 students in four double berths. The price for the course all-inclusive is DKK 10,900 which does not include flight T/R to Antibes, but all other expenses, boat rental, port fees and provisions for the eight days, however, restaurant visits are not included. We dock in various ports where it is possible to explore the mediterranean area around Antibes with surrounding islands.

Everyone participating in the course will be nominated for the Y1 and Y3 exams, which will be completed after returning to Gilleleje Sailing Club. Before the student is nominated for the exam, a course in extended first aid, firefighting and life rafts, practical navigation with professional plotter and radar are carried out shortly after return. The courses mentioned are settled separately with DKK 500 per course and a certificate is issued to the individual participant.

We are two experienced certified instructors on the tour. Prior to the trip, everyone must have acquired the books used for the Y1 and Y3 course, the book list can be found on the course site mentioned.

Before the exam, exam training is carried out so we are sure that everyone passes the exam. Registration for the Y1 or Y3 course is done by sending an email to which will send you all data about the course located on Teams. If you have any questions, you will of course call me on 2276 6238 or send an email to!

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