Yacht skipper on a crash course in the Caribbean in 8 or 14 days! March 13-27, 2021

Yachtskipper training on a fantastic trip to the Caribbean where the Yachtskipper and sailtechnique are taught. The course ends with certification as a first or third degree Yachtskipper and gives speed to the certification certificate as Yachtskipper.

The trip starts in Kastrup with flight to St Thomas via New York, from St. Thomas we're sailing on a small ferry to the island of Tortola where the boat is ready in Roadtown waiting for us to take a fantastic trip with teaching, sailing techniques and super experiences in the Caribbean. We have rented a wonderful Lagoon 53 catamaran with room for 14 people and the education is optional over one or two weeks.

We teach Yachtskipper of the third degree first week and in Yachtskipper of the first grade second week, you take one or two weeks. The teaching is carried out by two tanned directors, all of whom are of course certified and have many years of experience. In addition to Yachtskipper, port manoeuvres are taught with sails and engines, sails, hardware navigation and safety.

The trip is planned so we come around visiting many of the lovely “Bounty Islands” in the Caribbean and there is time to explore the old Danish Caribbean and the island of St. Thomas with all the old Danish stepnames and the town of Charlotte Amalie with Skytsburg and Fort Christian.

The teaching is designed to review the curriculum that usually serves a whole winter! – which is conducted twice two hours of sessions every day. After home, online training is carried out so that everyone becomes a coachet for the exam. Further, all the teaching sessions will be streamed and placed on Microsoft Teams so that the participants can subsequently refresh the education.

The diploma is carried out with Dansk Yacht Union and takes 100% online, so we take students from all over the country and abroad. Students can be anywhere as long as they're on the Internet. Censors approved by the Maritime Service perform online examination and, after examination, the degree of Yachtskipper is obtained by the third or first degree. Third grade Yachtskippers need to go through a medical check to get one of the certification, while Yachtskippers first need to speed time to obtain certificates of competence.

The boat we sail is a Katamaran of types of Lagoon 53, built in 2018 and has room for 14 people in total and contains 6 double bunks, two single bunks and six bathrooms. The boat is 15.84 meters long, 8.74 meters wide, plus 1.55 meters, it has two 80 HK Yanmar engines and two tanks with 496 Liter Diesel, rolling big sail and genua plus gennaks used in the class.

The boat is on the island of Tortola, which is part of the English Virgin Islands close to St. Thomas, where we fly to and then take a little route boat to Tortola, where we take the boat.

The boat has a fully equipped kitchen that contains Microwave, Refrigerator, Oven, Komfur and Wash. Outdoor GPS plotters, WiFi, autopilot. The boat will be taken over at 5:30, so there's time to check-in and take over the boat.

The boat is delivered two weeks after in Tortola and courses taking both courses, but it is possible to book one or two weeks as necessary. We will take care of transport trip/return Copenhagen/Tortola.

The ship contains everything and has bedlinen and towels and is finished after the boat has been delivered. What you have to bring is life jacket, sailor clothes, shoes and boots, all the information is on Microsoft Teams where you find a detailed description of the trip.

The Y3 teaching takes place on board in the first week. We're going through the entire syllabus to Y3 intensively, corresponding to the teaching plan that's on Microsoft Teams. The second week we are teaching Y1 intensively and sailing plans are being drawn up which are based on a shipping from the Caribbean and back to Europe across the Atlantic. If you're interested, you'll send an e-mail to, you'll receive an invitation to the course that's on Microsoft Teams in the cloud. In teams, you'll find the entire program for the two courses. The two weeks teaching is twice 12 lessons of 2 x 2 hours per day for both Y3 and Y1. For the Y1 team, a sailing plan is drawn up for an ocean-going navigation, typically working together with two people. A sailplane is prepared for a concrete boat with a length greater than 15 meters and less than 25 meters, for example, the boat we sail on. The sailing plan is part of the preparation for the examination in both Y3 and Y1, for the Y1, the sailing plan must be forwarded to the censor 14 days for the exam being carried out online after we have returned home. We carry charts of the Caribbean that are used in education and train astronomical navigation with sextant.

In the course of navigation, we train the planning and implementation of port manoeuvre, knots and mooring, sailing through gennakes, preparing and implementing tough weather navigation and handling emergencies. The boat has room for 14 trainees in six double bunks and two bunks for directors. The price of the course is everything, including food, feed, port money and education, and transport. T/R Copenhagen – Tortola, restaurant visits are not included. We add to various ports of different islands where there will be an opportunity to explore the Caribbean.

All participating in the Y3 course in the first week will be set for the Y3 examination, which will be carried out after home in cooperation with Dansk Yacht Union and the exam will be carried out digitally via Microsoft Teams. Before the course is set for the examination, a course in fire and life rafts shall be carried out shortly after the return from 18:00 to 22:00 at Gilleleje Fire Station, Fire and Life Railway Training is settled separately and will cost 500 kroner. A certificate shall be issued to each participant. Immediately before the exam is conducted online sessions via Microsoft Teams, where we train exams for stop tests. (Read on stop tests at Microsoft Teams)

For Y1 courses, we also carry out online examination after the return. However, before courses can be adjusted for the examination, all courses must have undergone an extended first-aid course carried out in Gilleleje Sail Club and settled separately with 600 Kr, which also certificates are issued to participants.

In addition, all Y1 courses must participate in navigation on the home guard's cutter in Forest heads, where the use of radar and ECDIS plotters is being reviewed.

Finally, we sometimes meet, to review the individual sailplanes before being sent to the censor, which will then examine the Y1 courses online via Teams.

We're two certified directors on the trip. Before the journey, everyone must have acquired the books used on the Y3 course and the Y1 course, the book list is available on the course site located on Microsoft Teams. We're offering a collective book package for both Y3 and Y1, which can be ordered by registration and collected from the Havhøk at Gilleleje Port.

Gilleleje Sail School, which is part of the Gilleleje Sail Club, is in charge of the course. Signing is by sending an e-mail to and you will then be booked to the course and can report to either Y3 or Y1 or both courses, equivalent to one or two weeks. The price for one week is 22,500 Kr and two weeks 33,500 Kr, which is reserved for prices until final books are in place. Do you have any questions, of course, you call Patrick, Michael or Hans 2276 6238 or send an e-mail to

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