Yacht skipper Y3


If you are a real sailor, you would like to expand your knowledge of navigation and everything that matters in order to plan and implement safe navigation. Gilleleen Sector School is organising Yachtskipper courses for sailors who are vague and would like to increase their competences and as well as we have it documented through the second highest certification for leisure courses “Yachtskipper of the third degree”. The Maritime Agency is responsible for the Yachtskipper training which is carried out with Dansk Sejlunion and Gilleleje Sejlklub.


The training is designed so that courses, who have a busy working day, can keep up and all material and tasks are placed on the network and to facilitate communication, use the DropBox network. The teaching consists of 16 lessons, where the individual chapters of the curriculum are examined and subsequently placed a number of tasks which are carried out and examined within each subject.

The course follows the training plan of the Maritime Service and includes education on the following topics:

Terrestrial Navigation:

Length and latitude, Great Circle navigation, Steering by straight lines and bearings, electronic navigation equipment, etc.

Maritime rules:

The maritime rules with all the rules, shiplight lights, fog signals, markings, firework etc.

Sea crew:

Stability, chain, rope and wire, anchor and calculation of waistcoats, construction of ships in different materials, emergency equipment.


Identification of clouds and fronts. Description of hot, cold front and occlusions. Coriolis power's influence on low and high pressure. Collection and interpretation of weather reports, etc.

The black:

Review of the legislation governing maritime transport by placing responsibility for ships and their crews.

Sail plan:

A sailing plan is drawn up for example in the course to a Norwegian or Swedish port, where all the main topics of the curriculum are dealt with. The sailing plans are drawn up in groups of two or three courses and are carried to the oral examination.

Fire drill and use of life-rafts:

Practical exercises are carried out where the trainers are going to try what it means to put out a fire. Further, the construction and use of life rafts are being undertaken. A certificate shall be issued to each course of course carried out.


For those who want the Yachtskipper degree, the course will be completed by an examination which will be held on Saturday 4 May 2019 in Gilleleje Sejlk Club. The examination consists of a stopping sample of a half-hour duration, where training courses must prove in-depth knowledge of the sea rules, including all fog signals, markings and firepowings, etc.

All of them passing the stop test will go to the oral exam, where each of the trainees are interviewed by a censor for three quarters and are asked to explain the main themes of the course; that is, terrestrial navigation, seamen, meteorology, sea law, and must be able to describe what is required to carry out a safe navigation.


You will achieve the degree of Yachtskipper, which gives the right to carry a Danish ship over 15 metres and up to 24 metres throughout the Baltic Sea and the North Sea and the English Channel, and speed on the British Islands, Ireland, Norway, the Faroe Islands and along the coast of Greenland at a distance not exceeding 30 nautical miles from the coast. Furthermore, Yachtskipper gives the third degree the right to graduate Yachtskipper of the first degree, which gives the right to carry a ship over 15 metres but less than 24 metres in all the world oceans. To obtain a certificate of certification, it will also require that you will be approved by a doctors of the Maritime Service.

Lessons and price:

The course contains 16 lessons plus two days special examination preparations. The course starts Thursday 25 October and all lessons are carried out on Thursdays at Gilleleje Sejlk Club from 19:00 to 22:00. The special examination lessons are agreed subsequently.

The price for the course including coffee, bread, cheese and jam is 850 Kr. and the trainees are to be a member of the Gilleleje Sejlk Club. See why the following.

  • Books cost approximately 1,000 Kr. (Net version cheaper)
  • Censor 850 Kr.
  • Teacher is Hans Drørsleff – if you have any questions, you are welcome to call or text messages of 2276 6238, or e-mail: hans@torsleff.dk
  • Signing to the head of the sailing school Steen Billenstein, e-mail: steen.billenstein@webspeed.dk
  • We do not want to undercut the other Kursus providers substantially, who, after all, have to live on it.
  • This is why we want membership of the Gilleleje Sejlklub (900 Kr) which, in turn, will support our Sailing School and the Junior sailors.
  • Despite membership, our prices are cheap. See the following examples taken from the network:
  • Nautic Marine: ( www.nauticmarine.dk )
  • Course Fee 5495, Censor 850, Brand + first aid 400, Materials 1500 Kr.
  • Watergates: ( www.watergames.dk )
  • Course Fee 4995 including materials, Censor 875 Kr.
  • Copenhagen Sejr School (www.sejlerskole.dk)
  • Course Fee 5700, Materials: 1200, Censor 875, Sea Security Cup 200 Kr.

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